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Your home is meant to be lived-in, loved, and beaming with a style that’s as individual as you are, so we double down on bringing a sense of connection and significance to every Lark design. From your first home to your dream home, we’ve got all areas covered with chic, well-priced lighting that you can easily mix, match, and add onto as your style and space evolves.

Now that you've landed here, we’d love for you to meet our designs, get inspired, follow along and let us know what you think! And you don’t have to wing it - join our flock for fun tips and trends created for you and your real life.

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Here’s what means a lot to us:

  • Our Flock
    Lark’s community is your go-to when you want inspiration that empowers.

  • Be Kind
    Lark’s golden (egg) rule: we treat you the way we’d like to be treated, full stop. Our customer care team is top-notch and here to make you happy as a lark.

  • Have Fun
    Put rules in the rear-view mirror and lean on us to help you stake out your personal style, wherever you roost.

  • Stay Flexible
    The one constant in life: change. We craft our designs to mix or match, so they can grow with you as your space and style evolves.

  • Keep Growing
    We want to hear from you, so tell us what you love …and what you’d like help with. We know what ruffles our feathers and odds are you do too!

What type of lighting do you need?

To get started, choose from ambient, accent, task and decorative options. Layering is key to a luxe look but hey, there’s no pressure to do it all at once. Simply add on more lighting as your space and budget allow!

How do you choose the right finish?

Hint: you can’t really mess this up. Take a cue from other fixtures or appliances if you want a cohesive look or mix it up to reflect your personal vibe.

What’s the right size for your space?

A good rule of thumb: fixtures should hang at least 7’ from the floor. Taller ceilings (we’re talking at least 9’ high) usually require larger fixtures. Lower ceilings look fab with flush or semi-flush styles.

What is the best style of lantern for the exterior of your home?

For the ultimate in cutie curb appeal, you’ll want to choose outdoor lanterns that complement your architecture style. This creates a unified look and (we love this part) increases your property value.

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