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Make your Home Shine

Our lighting is designed so you can easily mix, match, and add onto as your style and space evolves. Lark creates joyful experiences, lifelong memories and lights up any room, in any home.




Flush Mount



Best In The Nest

What type of lighting do you need?

To get started, choose from ambient, accent, task and decorative options. Layering is key to a luxe look but hey, there’s no pressure to do it all at once. Simply add on more lighting as your space and budget allow!

How do you choose the right finish?

Hint: you can’t really mess this up. Take a cue from other fixtures or appliances if you want a cohesive look or mix it up to reflect your personal vibe.

What’s the right size for your space?

A good rule of thumb: fixtures should hang at least 7’ from the floor. Taller ceilings (we’re talking at least 9’ high) usually require larger fixtures. Lower ceilings look fab with flush or semi-flush styles.

What is the best style of lantern for the exterior of your home?

For the ultimate in cutie curb appeal, you’ll want to choose outdoor lanterns that complement your architecture style. This creates a unified look and (we love this part) increases your property value.

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